It’s simple, really: We love small businesses. We believe in the potential of entrepreneurs and we’ve made it our mission to create spaces where they can connect with their customers. Launched in 2016 in the Bay Area, Wiggins Events hosts open-air markets that sell a wide range of items from businesses that are established, just getting started, and anywhere in between. We embrace an event model that creates opportunity for all types of vendors. Wiggins Events markets are inclusive, diverse, and aim to serve as an incubator for all small businesses.


Kyle Wiggins

It’s Kyle Wiggins’ ambition and make-it-work attitude that led him to founding Wiggins Events. In his college years, he teamed up with a friend to host a booth selling secondhand goods at a flea market. The success they had at these events opened his eyes to the ability local markets have to support small businesses, whether their owners are just looking to generate extra income on the weekends or launch a brand they hope to take full-time.

Having organized over 100 markets from 2016-2020 alone, Kyle has picked up all the tricks of the trade through hours upon hours of experience. Along with amplifying small businesses through Wiggins Events, he is also passionate about connecting with entrepreneurs to discuss their business ideas and help them put their products out into the world.